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        Jimmy Givens"Interpreter of Rhythm"

Hall of Fame! ;-) שלום

My "Hall of Fame" page is dedicated to all the GREAT entertainers and musicians I have had the priviledge, pleasure and honor to know and perform with!! These are just some of the many talented entertainers and musicians... more to follow!!  


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;-) שלום


My Mama & My Daddy!!

The epitome of GREATNESS! 


My parents were a dynamic team, whose stage presence and talent commanded the attention, applause and respect of their audiences EVERYWHERE and EVERYTIME they performed; so much so, STANDING OVATIONS became the norm! Both my parents sang, danced, were comedians... and BOTH played drums!!


Unfortunately, the technology of today did not exist when my parents were at their peak. Fortunately, I DO, have a video of my Mama and me performing at the Capitol Hotel! Please see "Givens & Sweetie II" page!  ;-)


If you ever saw my parents perform, or are a musician who played for them... or you knew them, I would enjoy hearing from you. Please go to

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;-) שלום


Dorian Parreott

"World-Class" Musician,

Music Educator, Gentleman and Friend!


Dorian Parreott, retired Music Director {Asbury Park High School} and President of American Federation of Musicians Local #399 Asbury Park, NJ 

plays EVERY instrument on the planet

{and some that haven't been invented yet}

... INCLUDING drums!


Dorian took me under his wing approximately 25 years ago and has helped me to develop as a musician! Ours has been a MOST successful musical relationship and enjoyable friendship! ;-) שלום

Al Hausman  

Mark Hausman

Al Hausman "World-Class" Musician {pianist}, was leader at

the Fairmont Hotel in Lakewood, NJ.


Mark Hausman {trumpet}, his son, was a "trumpet prodigy" and, like his Dad is a "World-Class" Musician. Mark's sons, Sam and Josh are following in their Dad's and grandfather's  footsteps and are destined to become "world-class" musicians, as well!


It is essential to acknowledge that Sam, Josh and Mark come by their musical talent naturally because, as well as what they inherited from Al Hausman, Mark's mother was a GREAT Cantorial singer named "Bas Sheva"!  

;-) שלום

I can listen to this song, "Caravan" forever! I have always admired this lady's phenomenal talent! ;-) שלום

Martin E. Silverman, Esq. and our mutual friend Bob Meyer!

Both of these gentlemen are "World-Class" Musicians {saxes, clarinet, flute} and GREAT friends of mine!


Martin and I have been friends for 55 years. We met at the Capitol Hotel through the leader, Phil Shilling {another "World-Class" Musician}. Martin has his law practice in Lakewood, NJ and is still performing. Martin is a Guy Lombardo expert!


I met Bob Meyer at the Capitol Hotel through Martin and we became friends immediately! Bob is a full-time musician! ;-) שלום

Paul Hoffman {sax, clarinet and flute} is another "World-Class" Musician and friend!

Paul was the leader at the New Irvington Hotel in Lakewood, NJ!


Paul, during the summer seasons, was the leader at the Harbor Island Spa in Long Branch, NJ.


Paul Hoffman is the gentlelman in my "Satin Doll" video in my "Video Gallery"!

;-) שלום

Barry Frank was a GREAT entertainer! Barry lived in Lakewood and was the Master of Ceremonies at several Lakewood hotels and at the Raleigh Hotel in the Catskills in the summers!



Barry was an excellent comedian and singer!


Barry Frank, in the 50's, was the band singer with Sammy Kaye and recorded several albums! ;-) שלום

Tina Robin was another GREAT performer who lived in Lakewood! Songs and comedy.... that was Tina!


Tina lived and performed in Lakewood, the Catskills and everywhere in between!


Recently, I learned that in the 1950's Tina did some recordings and was named "The Doo-Wop Queen"!

Tina Robin, although 4' 10" tall, was a GIANT on that stage! A real bundle of dynamite!

;-) שלום

Maurice Scott {trumpet},"World-Class" Musician  {American Federation of Musicians Local # 802} and leader at Metropolitan Hotel in Asbury Park, NJ! I worked many summers in Maurice's band! Maurice had the orchestra at the Nemerson Hotel in the Catskills!


Arnie Lawrence {alto sax} was a "World-Class" Musician and was in Doc Severinson's Orchestra when The Tonight Show was in New York City. It was through friendship, that Arnie came to the Metropolitan and played for my mother!


When I first met Arnie at Richard's Lounge in Lakewood, NJ Arnie said my name sounded very familiar to him. He said he knew a JIMMY GIVENS when he was sixteen years old who gave him his first job in the Catskills.

I smiled and said:

"Yes, he's my Dad."

;-) שלום






This photo is the album {yes, vinyl} that I purchased directly from Arnie Lawrence in Richard's Lounge in Lakewood, NJ {Richard Stein is a life-long friend and his son Mal Stein is a "World-Class" Musician ~ drummer/percussionist}!!

It is funny how life is ~ just recently, through Mal Stein, I met two of Arnie's children. Erik Lawrence, who is following in his Dad's footsteps, is a "World-Class" Musician {entire reed section} and Arnie's daughter, Marya Lawrence-Hart who is a "World-Class" Vocalist!! Marya has all the personality, energy and SHOWMANSHIP she needs and captivates her audiences wherever and whenever she performs!! It is always a pleasure to perform with these two extremely talented artists!!

I am pleased to know these two fine, BEAUTIFUL people and, as I do their Dad's album "Arnie Lawrence and Treasure Island" {which is framed and on my dining room wall}, I treasure their friendship!!


Below is a special video presentation featuring

Marya Lawrence-Hart and brother, Erik Lawrence!!

Please enjoy!

;-) שלום

Max Kaghan {pianist}

was a "World-Class"Musician. Max the last musician to perform at the Capitol. Max also played violin. Max was a very quiet man, but a very accomplished man. This photo {May 1985} is the only photo I have of Max!!

;-) שלום


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