Jimmy Givens "Interpreter of Rhythm"
        Jimmy Givens"Interpreter of Rhythm"

About Jimmy Givens! ;-) שלום

I'm Jimmy Givens

and I approve this message!


I am proud of the fact and title I have bestowed upon myself:

I am the “Last of the Lakewood, NJ hotel musicians” … and the music education I learned in the hotels could not be learned in the conservatory! ;-) שלום


I don’t drink, smoke or use drugs. I am dependable, punctual, and neat {in my appearance and demeanor}.

I don’t have a “star” complex {I will audition for anyone, since not every musician is for every band}, I’m a good reader, a Life Member of American Federation of Musicians Local #399 Asbury Park, NJ and my passport is valid. I’m not strictly a jazz drummer, or a rock drummer, or country/Latin etc. I have many, many years of club date experience; therefore...


I am a “commercial” drummer ~

and I can thank my Daddy for that!


I proudly give three references from three "world-class" musicians in this fashion.


      1.Max Kaghan, of blessed memory, {pianist} at Capitol Hotel, Lakewood, NJ responded to question asked by sax man: “Can Jimmy play a show?” Max responded by saying: “Jimmy can play a show better with no music, than most musicians can with the music.”

      2. Paul Hoffman {sax, clarinet, flute} leader at New Irvington Hotel, Lakewood, NJ who, as we were playing said to me: “Jimmy, you have the most phenomenal sense of timing I’ve ever heard in a drummer.

      3. Martin E. Silverman, Esq. {sax, clarinet, flute} “Jimmy, you are among the few drummers who have a natural sense of shading and dynamics... and know how to use brushes!”


These three gentlemen were among those responsible for that music education I mentioned earlier.


I have an excellent sense of humor and as an emcee/comedian can make anyone laugh…

even if they don’t want to!


If you or someone you know is looking for a drummer/emcee/comedian with my skills,

I would appreciate your referral by going to

"Contact Jimmy Givens via my website!"


Thank you for your consideration!




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