Jimmy Givens "Interpreter of Rhythm"
        Jimmy Givens"Interpreter of Rhythm"

Givens & Sweetie II

Brochure of Mama and me! ;-) שלום


Givens & Sweetie II


Of all the greatness I grew up with living and performing with my parents, this page probably means the most to me! This kind of technology did not exist 55 years ago when my parents were in their prime. If today's video technology was available 55 years ago, I would have documentation of the two most dynamic and talented personalities to ever grace any stage! Yes, these are "home-grown" videos courtesy of a friend who didn't know the battery was running low to out in the last clip.

These video clips of my Mama and I performing in The Capitol Hotel, Lakewood, NJ in the mid to late 1980’s are what I am most proud of!


Please view them in numerical order! ;-) שלום

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In the true Givens & Sweetie tradition, my Mama and I received standing ovations!

It was the uniqueness of our act, that even Tina Robin {a dynamite performer in her own right} who sat in the audience one afternoon and watched our show commented in the dressing room after our show: 


“Gee, I wish I could work with my son!”  


This is my legacy! ;-) שלום

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